The world’s most pampered tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and salad

Growing tomatoes doesn’t have to be a science – anyone can grow their own tomatoes if they have a greenhouse or the right climate. The reason why our tomatoes stand out from the crowd in terms of both quality and taste is that we are only satisfied when we can deliver the tastiest tomato on the Danish market, and this forces us to think differently.
Our plants are sown in early November. Right from the start, the small plants are looked after with great care by our gardeners. Each gardener has their own little garden on the farm. The gardener is responsible for the plants in their garden from when they are very small until they are cut down. In this way, an almost personal relationship with each plant is achieved. The plants are twisted up every week, and side shoots are carefully removed. Our tomato plants grow for approx. a year before they are cut down in the autumn, at which point they are approx. 14 metres high.

Our cultivation method means that we can grow greenhouse vegetables all year round. In winter and spring, the fruits are thinned out so that the plant does not produce as many tomatoes. This ensures that we breed the absolute best quality.


In order to bring out the best flavour in the tomatoes, it is very important that they are allowed to ripen fully on the plant. Our tomatoes, unlike almost all other tomatoes on the market, are completely sun-ripened when picked.

The reason why tomatoes are usually not picked when they are red is because letting the tomatoes ripen on the plant results in a reduced yield. In addition, an automatic sorting machine cannot handle ripe tomatoes, as they split very easily. However, we sort and pick everything by hand directly from the plant, placing each tomato directly into our trays, so it is possible to pick the tomatoes when they are fully ripe.


We were the first horticulture producer in Europe to start sorting and picking everything by hand and placing the tomatoes directly into trays. By hand-picking the tomatoes from the plant and placing them directly into trays, we save the tomatoes from a lot of bumps and scratches. Studies show that avoiding using a sorting machine extends the shelf life of red tomatoes by up to 50–60%.

Vision and Mission

We are always on the lookout for new, innovative, climate- and environment-friendly solutions, and continuously challenge ourselves and the value chain.
We strive to nurture our good working environment and strong culture, so that all our talented employees live up to the following vision, missions and values:


We want to be Scandinavia’s leading and most innovative producer of tasty, quality greenhouse vegetables.


We want to create added value for our customers.
We want to be their preferred supplier of innovative quality vegetables.
We want to be the preferred advisor and service partner when it comes to greenhouse vegetables for retail chains.

Our values


We do our best and are enthusiastic about our work.


We have a right-first-time approach to everything we do. It is our shared responsibility that our customers and consumers get the best experience with our products every time.


We want to be creative and constantly develop the way we work and have an openness and respect for all ideas.


We take care of the environment and the community around us. We create a culture of mutual respect, honesty, and diversity.


We are proud of our nursery, which is clean and orderly, and where everything has its place.

Historien begyndte i 1948

Alfred Pedersen is founded by Katrine and Alfred Pedersen. They start with two small greenhouses growing cut flowers. Soon more greenhouses are built, and the cut flowers are replaced by cucumbers.

Alfred Pedersen begins to grow tomatoes, which are sold at auction in Odense.


Alfred Pedersen are the first in Europe to start delivering tomatoes that are picked directly in the trays.



Mads Ulrik Pedersen, son of Katrine & Alfred and a 4th-generation gardener joins the company, and Alfred Pedersen & Søn ApS is founded.

The Katrine & Alfreds brand is launched in collaboration with FDB (now Coop) for SuperBrugsen, Kvickly and Irma stores.


Mads Ulrik Pedersen buys the family business Alfred Pedersen & Søn ApS.

Alfred Pedersen & Søn buys Sweden's largest horticulture producer in Trelleborg in southern Sweden to cover the Swedish market.


The range is expanded from tomatoes to include peppers.

A larger proportion of the process is converted to organic production.


Conventional cucumber production is established.



The Pedersens Udvalgte brand is launched in the Salling Group stores Bilka, Føtex and Netto.

Organic cucumber production is established.


Alfred Pedersen & Søn changes its name to Nordic Greens.


We will launch our new, large salad project in climate-controlled greenhouses and establish a solar park.