The fight against food waste

Our passion to combat food waste has become one of our hallmarks. We are co-founders of Denmark Against Food Waste, where the goal is to halve food waste in the food industry by 2030. In fact, the Danes have already saved many “ugly” vegetables from death by food waste. The result has been that we have already reached the UN’s global goal no. 12 of reducing food waste by 50% – 10 years before the target! It has gone very well.

Stop Wasting Food

Through close co-operation with the retail trade and an increased demand from more than half of Danish consumers for low-waste products, we have succeeded in ensuring the sale of all the greenhouse vegetables we produce. In addition, we give DKK 0.25 per tray sold to support the excellent initiative Stop Wasting Food.

Food waste becomes meals

Statistics show that far too much food is still being wasted, and innovative solutions are important to combat this. That is why we have developed our very own Pedersens Udvalgte Pasta Sauce and Pedersens Udvalgte Ketchup, where delicious, sweet surplus tomatoes are used for pasta sauces and ketchups consisting exclusively of pure raw ingredients, and of course they contain no E-numbers.

The tomatoes are grown on Funen and bottled at perhaps the world’s smallest tomato factory on Samsø. Alfred Pedersen & Søn is part of the Denmark Against Food Waste movement, and gives DKK 0.25 per bottle sold to support the organisation Stop Wasting Food.