Our brands

The Katrine & Alfreds brand was launched in 1995. It was named after Katrine and Alfred Pedersen, who are Mads Ulrik Pedersen’s parents. They founded the farm in 1948 in Bellinge on Funen. The brand was created in collaboration with Coop Danmark and is sold in SuperBrugsen, Kvickly and Irma shops across the country.

The Katrine & Alfreds range consists of Classic tomatoes (large, round tomatoes), San Marzano tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and our latest initiative: The Katrine & Alfreds Imperfect cucumbers, which are crooked and “ugly” but of the same high quality as the ones you are used to.

The Pedersens Udvalgte brand was launched in 2016. It was named after Mads Ulrik Pedersen, who is the 4th generation of gardeners at the Nordic Greens farm. The brand was created in collaboration with the Salling Group and is sold in Bilka, Føtex and Netto shops across the country.

The Pedersens Udvalgte assortment consists of Round tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes, August tomatoes, Ida tomatoes, Anna tomatoes, Stem cucumbers, Snack Mix tomatoes, Snack peppers, Block peppers, ketchup, pasta sauce and our extremely popular Pedersens Fravalgte tomatoes and cucumbers.

Katrine & Alfreds Imperfect cucumbers

The Katrine & Alfreds Imperfect cucumbers are absolutely perfect in taste, but have small imperfections that mean that they would otherwise be discarded. It may be the size or the shape that means they fall a little outside the criteria for a perfect 1st class stem cucumber, but the quality is exactly the same.

Pedersens Fravalgte

Pedersens Fravalgte tomatoes and cucumbers have small blemishes, but the high quality and great taste are the same, so they have been given a well-deserved place on the shelves. The tomatoes are sweet and beautiful, and the cucumbers are crisp and green, and they help to reduce the amount of food waste, and that’s something we really like here at Nordic Greens!

Grøn Kærlighed is our new brand, which we launched in the spring of 2023 as part of the world premiere of our lettuce production in Nordic Greens Salat. Grøn Kærlighed is Denmark’s most pampered tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces, grown in greenhouses on Funen all year round.

Love is many things. But one thing’s for sure: Love is very much about giving more than you take. When we grow our pesticide free lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, we do so with the utmost respect for nature. We use only organic control, we use bumblebees for pollination, we irrigate with collected rainwater, our energy comes from our own solar farm, and all our greenhouse vegetables are wrapped in 100% recycled plastic and cardboard. In our eyes, that’s a real love of nature. When the lettuce arrives in the shops, it’s ready to eat and doesn’t need rinsing.

It’s Danish vegetables – it’s Green Love.

You can find Grøn Kærlighed in REMA 1000 stores, MENY, SPAR and in Foodservice outlets across the country.